AMBASSADORS are the key representatives of the Enduring Hope Network. Ambassadors represent the persecuted church in Eritrea to their communities and spheres of influence.

An Ambassador Will...

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for the persecuted church in Eritrea, their families, and Enduring hope Network.


clearly the human rights atrocities being inflicted upon the citizens of Eritrea.


others to become a part of the Enduring Hope Network.


others to financially support assisting the persecuted church in Eritrea during this time of great harm.

Enduring Hope Network pledges to our Ambassadors to...


you up-to-date on the latest news from Eritrea.


you with resource materials to distribute to all who are interested.


to you free copies of Scared Suffering, the inspiration story of Aster and her unrelenting faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ in the face of severe persecution, for distribution to those who are interested.
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Glorify God

in all we do through operation integrity, financial transparency, and responsible servanthood.

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